2013 Season: Mark and Nicky's Birdbox Web Cam  Page 1

Moss had been building up, and we caught a Blue Tit in there early April. 

On Friday 26th April a pair were seen mating in the garden....

By May 3rd, we think there could be 6 egss

Seven, by May 4th

Eight by the 5th May

Eight seems to be the limit now, spending a lot of time roosting in there now

Finally on the morning of May 18th, the eggs start to hatch, four our of eight at 8am. Both parents now actively involved

All but one egg by the evening of May 18th we think

Growing already

Growing still, now 8 days old

We think around this time some of the chicks perished

It's unclear exactly when, and when the parents removed the corpses, but as of May 0th evening we have just two chicks, and one dead one still in the box

Two chicks on the morning of May 31st, but only one still alive. Disposed of during the morning, only one very weak chick by the afternoon, although

mother BT hadn't appeared to have given up quite yet, she didn't return for roosting that night, and by the morning of June 1st, the remaining chick had sadly died.

Very sad, so that's the end of that for this year we're afraid.

Thanks for watching, we'll be back next year hopefully

Final update: June 1st 2013

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