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The blue tit was seen to move in to the box in February, more and more moss and straw and night roosting, until four eggs were observed on April 16th.

Then on Sunday April 17th, Five eggs, and Wed 20th Six, oh no, it's seven  !

...and then eight on the 21st April, and nine on the 22nd, and ten on the 23rd (a new record for us)

Stopped at 10 eggs. All week the female blue-tit was incubating the eggs. 

The male pops in occasionally to feed her, and on May 5th, the eggs finally start to hatch, and the feeding frenzy begins.

We think as of May 6th, all but two of the eggs have hatched, but we're not certain. 


Concern started to mount on Wed 11th May, the parents were nowhere to be seen all afternoon until about 18:30hrs, then one of them made a fleeting visit,

without any food, and  left again. Normally by 19:30hrs mother was settling down for the night,

Then at 20:05hrs a parent came in and fed a couple of the chicks, and left again. However that was the last visit we recorded for either parent.

We rather fear something  happened to mother, the father is probably the one we occasionally spotted,  by the morning of May 12th all the chicks had sadly perished.

Only fleeting glimpses of blue tits in our garden since, and we can't tell if they are either of the original parents.

We took a look in the box in the box today,  no remaining eggs, the corpses were all stuck together in a ball, we gently removed them, and left them in some long grass,

10 minutes later they were gone, nature likes recycling !!

Thank you for surfing by, we'll be back next year, hoping for much better luck !

Best Wishes

Mark and Nicky

Last updated: May 14th 2011

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