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Chicks now five days old, feeding frenzy continues.

Both parents feeding

One week old, and the chicks are noticeably getting fluffy 

Open wide !

And flap those wings, then relax !


The night of May 9th was very cold, not sure but the two pictures above taken automatically seem to show a corpse being disposed of ?

Another cold night on the 10th, and another fatality. There is a body, so we are now down to two,

though apart from May 10th at  07:47hrs we have no recorded evidence of any removal of dead chicks from the box. 

The latest dead body has been moved to near the entrance. The remaining two appear to be in good health, and have been flapping their wings.

May 11th night also very cold, evidence of frost, the two remaining chicks made it, and around 7:30am, mother disposed of the dead body

Our two survivors made it through another bitterly cold night on the 12th. The failed 7th egg was revealed today.

Starting to get restless, and mum tidiing up. All settled by evening ! 

A surprise, at around 07:40hrs on May 16th, one chick flew the nest. As of 09:00hrs the other remains in there  

At around 10am, the remaining chick poked its head out. Mum was in a nearby tree calling.

Both parents continue to enter the box to feed.

The last chick continues to sit it out !  By evening no sign of leaving. Torrential rain outside, mum has come in to sit on top of him !

Still at 4pm on the 17th of May, still no sign of budging !

Still there at 7am on May 18th. Finally coaxed out at 08:15hrs !!!

The failed egg from April is still there. It's possible there might be a second brood, so keep checking back here !

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