2010 Season: Mark and Nicky's Birdbox Web Cam  Page 1

We re- installed the box on January 2nd 2010, almost immediately a blue tit entered to take a look.

We didn't really pay too much attention after that burst of interest, but during March we suddenly noticed activity, we assumed it was a Blue Tit roosting

But as can be seen from the black head, and slightly larger size, the Blue Tits have been gazumped by Great Tits !


On the morning of April 10th, we discovered three eggs, by the morning of the 12th there were five. 

Worryingly this is very early in the year, April 9th was an exceptionally warm day, the temp reached 19C, we will have to see what unfolds, and we're feeling rather miffed the BTs have been tipped out of their regular home by GTs !

April 13th, and 6 eggs, and 7 on the 15th. It seems to be just seven finally. Mum spends much of her time sat on the eggs.

Then on the afternoon of April 27th, three chicks hatch. Happened between 14:00hrs and 17:00hrs 

On the morning of April 28th we think we have five ?

By evening of the 28th we think we certainly have six, perhaps seven ?

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