2009 Season: Mark and Nicky's Birdbox Web Cam  Page 2

The first chick appeared at around 7am on May 11th. You can just make it out being fed by Mum in the first picture above.

The second picture shows Dad giving a hand

By 7:30pm  that evening, we think we have 4 chicks hatched (not 5 as we'd previously thought, because there are still 4 eggs visible)

Mum (helped by Dad) continued to feed well into the evening,

By the evening of May 12th, we thought we had 6 chicks, possibly 7.

There was definitely one egg left. The chicks were noticeably larger,  the oldest being just 36 hours old.

The picture above is a close up taken at 18:30hrs on May 13th. We thought there were seven chicks

The last shot above confirms there are indeed 8 chicks. 4 with their beaks open, 4 with theirs closed

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