2007 Season: Mark and Nicky's Birdbox Web Cam Page 1

It was installed in December 2003 at our home in Basingstoke, Hants , UK.

We had a successful nesting in 2004  see Here  and again in 2006 Here

This year we erected the box and webcam in December 2006,

On January 21st some activity was noted, feathers have appeared  in the box.

We noticed no further activity, until the weekend of March 24/25th, finally on March 26th we caught a Blue Tit starting to move moss into the box

Then on April 13th, we had a Blue Tit spend the first night sleeping in the box.

Roosting has continued since April 13, we didn't notice at first, but on April 20th three eggs were visible, these were covered over most of the time.

On April 24th, five, possibly seven, eggs were spotted. 

Roosting has continued, with our blue tit spending most of her time on top of the eggs. These shots above were captured in the morning, when she spends most of her time outside.

Every evening by 6pm she is now snuggled down, and she doesn't leave the eggs alone for very long during the day:-

Then on the morning of May 7th, the first hatchings..........See next page

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