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Picture 06-05-31@17`32`13.jpg Picture 06-05-31@17`32`55.jpg Picture 06-05-31@22`27`23.jpg

Overnight on the 31 May/1 June was the first night Mum didn't roost with the chicks, Fledgling should occur within the next few days, though we are concerned about the differences in development between the seven chicks. Two are definitely ready to go, but there is one still significantly less well developed.

Picture 06-06-01@06`30`32.jpg Picture 06-06-01@17`21`03.jpg Picture 06-06-01@21`24`50.jpg

Another frantic day of feeding and fidgeting, and again overnight 1/2 June Mum has decided to sleep elsewhere.

Picture 06-06-02@06`57`26.jpg Picture 06-06-02@17`56`08.jpg Picture 06-06-02@17`56`colour.jpg

June 2nd saw a lot of activity with the birds looking out of the hole, particularly between 08:30 and 09:30 hrs, but as of 18:00 hrs on that day, no movement out of the box.

We did just manage to grab a shot from outside of one of the chicks at 17:56hrs looking out of the hole, as you can see !

Picture 06-06-03@06`55`43.jpg Picture 06-06-03@10`06`54.jpg Picture 06-06-03@13`33`19.jpg

June 2/3 overnight, no mum again, although from daybreak both parents were busy feeding. At 08:30 until just after 10, it looked as if the chicks were preparing to fly (see below), but all the excitement died down again, and by lunchtime they were all knapping !

929JUN3.jpg 930JUN3.jpg

At around 9:30hrs on June 3rd both Mum and Dad sat in a nearby tree calling the chicks, one did respond by looking out of the hole, as shown, and the parents were feeding him/her from the perch. This continued for about an hour. During this period some of the chicks were out of the webcam view right at the front of the box, directly under the hole

Three chicks flew the nest, one around 17:00hrs, then two in quick succession at 17:22hrs, and we think another followed at around 17:40hrs.

Picture 06-06-03@18`01`41.jpg Picture 06-06-03@18`24`58.jpg Picture 06-06-03@23`32`47.jpg

Mum came in at 18:00hrs to feed the remaining three, and there were efforts by Mum and Dad from 18:00 hrs until 19:00hrs to persuade them out, by feeding them through the hole, with no success. The three settled down for the night. 

Picture 06-06-04@06`01`19.jpg Picture 06-06-04@06`01`25.jpg Picture 06-06-04@08`24`24.jpg

Mum and Dad continued to enter the box, to feed the three remaining chicks.

Finally between 09:12 and 09:17 on June 4th the remaining three left.

feed.jpg fledg.jpg

Finally between 09:12 and 09:17 on June 4th the remaining three left, coaxed out by Mum feeding from the perch.


The last one to go didn't get too much lift, and sat in a shrub calling for mum. He then hopped about, without too much confidence, then as seen above hopped around on the ground. We gently persuaded him up into a tree, where his brothers and sisters were. We retreated to let nature take its course. 

At first all was quiet in the tree, then at 11:00hrs activity started up again, we think we spotted Mum feeding the chick in the tree. She also had a couple of trips back to the empty birdbox, we're told to check none of the chicks had returned.  We caught Mum feeding our 'runt' chick a large caterpillar at around 11:30hrs. You could hear the rest of the family chirping nearby. As the day progressed we caught glimpses of the family, but their chirps drifted away from our garden, and away into thicker vegetation a short distance away.

We wish our little friends well for the future, and hope to see them back at some point. We hope you enjoyed this year's webcam and diary, and look forward to next year's activity, when we aim to have the birdbox feed in colour.

Click Here to see hi-res shot from inside the box, (700k so it might take a while to appear for some)

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