2006 Season: Mark and Nicky's Birdbox Web Cam Page 4


Picture 06-05-24@07`32`25.jpg Picture 06-05-24@17`55`21.jpg Picture 06-05-24@18`50`25.jpg

Our six chicks are getting larger, and larger. Mum and Dad spend all of the daylight hours feeding them,

Though it's difficult to catch dad in the act on camera !

Picture 06-05-25@07`56`04.jpg Picture 06-05-26@07`41`15.jpg Picture 06-05-26@16`56`56.jpg
Picture 06-05-26@16`59`02.jpg Picture 06-05-26@17`16`55.jpg Picture 06-05-26@17`16`58.jpg

May 26th was the day the chicks turned into little birds. You can see the feathers are well developed, and one of the birds was spotted climbing out of the'pit' and crawling towards the box entrance during the afternoon. 

Picture 06-05-26@18`23`48.jpg Picture 06-05-26@18`25`43.jpg Picture 06-05-26@18`24`07.jpg
Picture 06-05-26@18`27`25.jpg Picture 06-05-26@22`02`20.jpg Picture 06-05-26@22`16`33.jpg

It was also on May 26th that we realised there were actually 7 chicks, and not six. Look carefully at the 18:24 and 18:27 shots and you can count 7 beaks. Also the brood are now very restless, as you can see at one point Mum gave up sitting on them, and went off for a nap on her own !

Picture 06-05-27@07`13`46.jpg Picture 06-05-27@11`00`42.jpg Picture 06-05-28@12`45`16.jpg
Picture 06-05-28@13`01`54.jpg Picture 06-05-28@17`26`46.jpg Picture 06-05-28@17`29`49.jpg

Feeding continues at a fast pace, we think Mum feeds stood top left, while Dad takes up the position bottom right in the box.

The chicks are now starting to have 'test flights' within the box. 

Picture 06-05-28@22`37`55.jpg Picture 06-05-29@09`27`08.jpg Picture 06-05-29@09`27`55.jpg

Mum seems to given up sleeping on top of the chicks, the last shot above shows one of the chicks who is significantly behind the others in their growth

Picture 06-05-30@07`14`12.jpg Picture 06-05-30@20`04`42.jpg Picture 06-05-30@21`04`57.jpg

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