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Picture 06-05-15@07`58`32.jpg Picture 06-05-15@09`03`49.jpg Picture 06-05-15@13`43`48.jpg
Picture 06-05-15@17`26`28.jpg Picture 06-05-15@18`02`45.jpg Picture 06-05-15@18`02`45.jpg

On the morning of May 15th the first chicks started to hatch, we thought at that stage four had hatched so far, but it was hard to tell.

The final picture above shows one with an open beak. Both parents were in and out of the box feeding.

Picture 06-05-16@06`56`00.jpg Picture 06-05-16@18`03`19.jpg Picture 06-05-16@18`17`24.jpg
Picture 06-05-16@18`18`02.jpg Picture 06-05-16@18`21`39.jpg Picture 06-05-16@18`21`44.jpg

On May 16th, after very careful monitoring we counted six chicks, but we think there is still the egg present as seen above in the 06:56hrs picture. If that's so, then there were seven eggs originally.

The shots above show a rare capture of Dad helping with the feeding

Picture 06-05-17@19`18`59.jpg Picture 06-05-17@19`19`09.jpg Picture 06-05-17@19`58`33.jpg
Picture 06-05-18@08`19`49.jpg Picture 06-05-18@13`13`19.jpg Picture 06-05-19@07`49`14.jpg

Getting larger.........................and hungrier !!!  

Picture 06-05-20@10`02`58.jpg Picture 06-05-20@17`52`09.jpg Picture 06-05-20@17`52`17.jpg
Picture 06-05-20@18`14`49.jpg Picture 06-05-20@18`18`11.jpg Picture 06-05-21@14`34`40.jpg

.........and larger still

Picture 06-05-22@18`58`24.jpg icture 06-05-22@18`58`33.jpg Picture 06-05-22@19`47`36.jpg

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