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Picture 06-05-01@19`17`57.jpg Picture 06-05-01@19`18`56.jpg Picture 06-05-01@19`19`47.jpg

We were away for the May Bank Holiday Weekend, but we recorded events in our absence. An egg appeared on April 29th, as indicated inside the red circle, the other photos are from the 30th and May 1st.

Picture 06-05-01@19`16`44.jpg Picture 06-05-02@17`30`50.jpg Picture 06-05-02@17`31`00.jpg

On the 1st May four eggs were visible, clearly on May 2nd.

Picture 06-05-04@17`27`55.jpg Picture 06-05-05@17`20`37.jpg Picture 06-05-06@07`08`31.jpg

As of the 6th May, we think we have five, possibly six eggs. The blue tit spends at least 50% of daylight hours sitting on the eggs.

Picture 06-05-06@08`42`33.jpg Picture 06-05-06@08`42`39.jpg Picture 06-05-06@08`42`46.jpg

On the 8th May six eggs were clearly spotted by a friend watching our web cam feed !

Picture 06-05-12@18`42`39.jpg Picture 06-05-14@09`23`26.jpg Picture 06-05-14@09`25`25.jpg

On May 15th the chicks started to hatch, see Next Page  

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