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It was installed in December 2003 at our home in Basingstoke, Hants , UK.

We had a successful nesting in 2004  see Here  and a sad outcome in 2005 see Here

This year we erected the box and webcam in December 2005,

As far as we were aware, no birds had shown an interest, until the first day of British Summer Time !

The pictures below show a bird roosting for the first time this year at dusk on March 26th.


Picture 06-03-26@18`58`54 Picture 06-03-26@18`59`01 Picture 06-03-29@14`09`17.jpg


Picture 06-03-29@14`12`04.jpg Picture 06-03-29@14`12`14.jpg Picture 06-04-01@11`23`51.jpg


Picture 06-04-01@11`27`34.jpg Picture 06-04-01@11`27`34.jpg Picture 06-04-01@11`27`05.jpg


Picture 06-04-02@21`58`22.jpg Picture 06-04-03@14`45`52.jpg Picture 06-04-03@14`46`52.jpg

On the 29th March the bird started bringing in moss, to start the nest hopefully.

On April 3rd two birds were briefly spotted in the box, (too fast for the webcam to catch a still)

april 6th picture april 8th picture april 12th picture

We were on holiday from April 4th until 14th, but we did record activity during that period.

The above shots were taken on April 6th, 8th, and 12th

Picture 06-04-15@19`51`54.jpg Picture 06-04-20@19`36`56.jpg Picture 06-04-27@20`08`36.jpg

Latest shots above, the bird spends most of the day outside the box, returning to roost at dusk.

Then on April 29th, the first sighting of an egg.......................

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