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On  May 13th the six chicks were noticeably larger

                            May 13th                                                                       May 13th                                                                       May 13th   

                             May 13th                                                                      May 14th                                                                   May 14th

The first picture directly above shows Mum removing some pooh from an upturned chick, Charming !

You can see in the middle picture above, one of the chick's beaks pushing out from under Mum !

                               May 15th                                                                       May 15th                                                         May 16th

Above both parents feeding, and the final shot is all the chicks asleep facing each other.

That tragically is the last image we have of the chicks alive. By that time (8:15pm) the mother should have returned to the box, and settled down for the night.

We watched continuously until 10pm, but she made no appearance. We went to bed fearing the worst. Next morning at 5 am our fears were confirmed, all six chicks had faded away during the night. At 5:15am a parent (we don't know which one) entered the box to feed them, of course there was no reaction from the chicks.

We're not sure what happened. A couple of friends who had been watching the web cam feed the morning before (Mon 16th) had noticed that the parents were not attending to the chicks very often. That seemed to improve during the afternoon, and Nicky saw a lot of feeding activity for herself. Sadly we don't know what happened between 5:45 and 8pm as our local area suffered a mains power failure. A parent was spotted in the box at 5:45 the moment the power failed. After 8pm no parent was seen again in the box.

On Tuesday afternoon however Nicky spotted two Blue Tits in our garden, throughout the roosting and nesting period we have only ever seen one pair, and they have been 'mum and dad', so it would seem that neither parent perished. One suggestion from Dave Hall who runs a superb web site  with extensive information and coverage is that the change of weather to a cold northerly wind may have been a factor. Our box faces north east. Dave also suffered the loss of all of his Blue Tit chicks on the same day.

See http://www.daviv.com/bird_box_diary_2005_page_two_main.htm

We will never know for sure, that's Mother Nature for you.

Many thanks for watching our webcam, and reading these pages. We'll be back in January 06 hopefully with a new nesting period to enjoy,

Hopefully a repeat of 2004  and not 2005.

Best wishes, Mark and Nicky Carver    mail:-    mark [dot} carver [at] gmx {dot] net  (Address mungled to prevent spambots)

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