2005 Season: Mark and Nicky's Birdbox Web Cam Page 4

On  May 9th the chicks started to hatch. We think five hatched between 9am and lunchtime, below are some snaps


                            May 9th                                                                       May 9th                                                                                 May 9th   

 You can just spot another adult exiting the box in the last photo above.

                             May 10th                                                                  May 10th                                                                            May 10th

On the morning of May 10th only one egg appeared not to have hatched, the final shot above shows both parents in the box feeding.

                             May 10th                                                                       May 13th                                                                        May 13th

 By the 13th May (5 days old) you could make out the chick's eyes as black blobs, and their beaks.

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