2005 Season: Mark and Nicky's Birdbox Web Cam Page 3


                             April 19th                                                                  April 20th                                                                    April 21st 

                                 April  21st evening                                            April 22nd                                                                         April 23rd

                               April 24th                                                              April 25th                                                                     April 26th

On the morning of April 19th the first egg appeared,  one a day  appeared with six eggs present on April 24th, no new egg on the 25th (unless it is hidden) but as the final picture shows seven were present on April 26th.

The mother initially seemed to leave the box at around 6:30 in the morning  making brief visits back during the day, returning for good at dusk, but then she spent most of the day sat incubating the eggs.

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