Mark and Nicky's Birdbox Pictures - Technical Details

Technical bit for the technically minded from Mark:-

I used a Maplins infra red camera.   Part number MS37S. This produced
an  interlaced TV image at 480 x 576. This fed a VHS machine, which in turn fed
the living room TV set. The RF output of the VHS recorder was distributed to the PC (in a separate
room). I  installed a Pinnacle Rave TV card. This processed the images and uploaded them
to a Web Cam utility from  Pysoft. This ftp uploaded to the web space a new
image every 10 seconds. 

In 2007 I bought a new PC, I could not make the Pysoft software work with any stability.

Therefore from April 2007 a new application from Kabcam  has been used.

The images seen on the previous pages were also produced by a frame grab and  processing option within the Pysoft and Kabcam applications.

Illumination inside the box was provided by 6 IR LEDs mounted on the camera's PCB.

The Birdbox camera

The whole camera assembly including the lens measures 57x38mm and is 27mm deep. It is
mounted above a perspex ceiling inside the box. The entry hole for the birds is at the bottom
of the pictures.

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