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We became aware of a Blue Tit regularly roosting in the box on Feb 1st, straw and moss slowly built up, and on April 19th nine eggs had appeared.

Then on April 30th they started to hatch.

Both start the feeding routine for the next three weeks !

May 1st, 8 chicks and one failed egg

Feeding continues, and by both parents

 We think we probably only had seven and not eight, and over the night of May 11/12th one dies, can be seen above the egg in the middle picture above.

It was moved to the front corner of the box and remained there during the afternoon of May 12th.

As of May 13th, it is just in the front of the hole, very bottom of middle picture above


One chick testing its wings top left, and making good progress, stepped away from the pack

Some chicks are more developed than others, so time will tell whether any more fall by the wayside

May 16/17th was the first night neither parent chose to roost in the box

Rather macabre, but above left (19 May 17:45) the chicks can be seen pecking at the dead body of the chick that died last week

Four chicks are now very well developed, the other two not so much, which could spell trouble in the next couple of days

We might have lost one today, seem to have reduced from six to five, and middle above (19:45) shows another weak looking chick surrounded by four healthy ones.

Hard to say, but the 15:49hrs shotshows a possible corpse.

At around 18:30 to 19:00hrs on May 21st the two largest chicks left the box. We caught a glimpse of one, and could hear them in a shrub.

The parents were attending to them. That left the next largest chick, and the two weak ones.

Surprisingly the parents are still feeding the weak ones.

At around 06:00hrs on May 22nd, one more certainly left, and we suspect another. Just leaving one very weak chick in the box

We look this at 06:15hrs, one of the chicks in a tree, we're not sure which one, whether from May 21st or just out.

The last chick, too under developed to survive, sadly passed away on the afternoon of May 22nd.

The fledged chicks have been heard in our garden, we wish them all well......

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